We can help you understand and reduce the costs of manufacturing.

By understanding your method of manufacture and operational environment, our team can develop a detailed cost estimate considering factors such as manufacturing cycle times, factory size, material costs, organisational design and equipment costs.

Your challenge

A product cost study can add value if:

  • You are developing a new product or component and need to understand the potential manufacturing costs.
  • You need to reduce the cost of a product or component.
  • You are quoting to manufacture a new product, and require support.

Our service

  • We review your products and your business drivers, by reviewing drawings, visiting your site, inspecting your current equipment, and talking to your manufacturing teams.
  • We work with your teams to understand the key criteria for our assessment. These could include investment costs, current manufacturing capability or target manufacturing cost.
  • We develop a baseline method of manufacture, material costs and operational process, to help determine the direct, indirect and material costs of your product.
  • We can then develop a strategy to reduce your manufacturing costs. This may involve a design for manufacturing review, or alternative methods of manufacture.


A product cost study can help you:

  • Understand the potential costs of a component or product.
  • Identify opportunities for cost reduction.
  • Better understand how different factors affect a product’s cost.


Find out more

Download the product cost study flyer (pdf, 100kb) for more detail on our services and capabilities.

For an informal discussion about your requirements, contact Jamie Gordon, senior technical lead.