BMD Infrastructure Services joins Nuclear AMRC

By 22 April 2024 Nuclear AMRC news

BMD Infrastructure Services has joined the Nuclear AMRC to collaborate on technology development and expand its presence in the nuclear sector.

A leading infrastructure advisory business which forms part of BMD Group, the largest privately-owned civil contractor in Australia, BMD Infrastructure Services is driving the delivery of smart solutions in the UK. By joining the Nuclear AMRC, BMD intends to foster collaborative technology development and expand its presence within the nuclear sector.

Established in 1979, the BMD Group has consistently demonstrated innovation and leadership within the infrastructure industry, boasting a proven track record of excellence in safety and successful delivery to its clients.

By joining the Nuclear AMRC as a tier two member, BMD anticipates gaining valuable insights into emerging industry trends, participating in collaborative projects, and fostering partnerships with key stakeholders. The membership will facilitate a deeper integration of BMD into the nuclear manufacturing fraternity.

Graeme Fenemore, BMD Infrastructure Services’ operations director, says: “This partnership signifies BMD’s commitment to keep ahead of technological advancements in the nuclear manufacturing industry and complementary infrastructure. We are excited to be joining forces with the Nuclear AMRC, and to co-support the centre’s cutting-edge resources, research capabilities, and industry expertise to enhance our collective technological portfolios.

“By sharing our capability and 45 years of experience in delivering critical infrastructure projects in highly regulated industries, coupled with our deep understanding of the importance of supply chains and their capacity to support and drive technological advancement, we will be able to support the Nuclear AMRC in helping to shape the future of nuclear manufacturing.”

As part of its membership, BMD will develop its technical capabilities in advanced manufacturing technologies and methodologies tailored to the specific needs of the nuclear industry. The Nuclear AMRC’s state-of-the-art facilities and collaborative network will provide BMD with a platform to engage in research initiatives, share best practices, and contribute to the overall advance of nuclear manufacturing.

BMD is also seconding senior consultant Emily Milsom to work at the Nuclear AMRC on strategic campaigns as part of the business development team.

“I am incredibly grateful to undertake this secondment opportunity at the Nuclear AMRC,” Milsom says. “I am excited by the prospect of immersing myself in the world of nuclear manufacturing, and I am eager to leverage my diverse experience to drive success in this role. I look forward to embracing new challenges, collaborating with industry experts, and contributing to the advancement of strategic initiatives at the Nuclear AMRC.”

Tom Purnell and Emily Milsom

Strategic programmes include support for the international AUKUS submarine programme, in which the UK and Australia will both build new nuclear-powered submarines to a new UK design. The Nuclear AMRC is working with a number of Australian organisations to help support domestic manufacturers and build links with the UK’s established nuclear supply chain.

“We are pleased to have BMD as a member, and having Emily on board with us provides a great chance for her to support some of our most important and developing programmes, such as the AUKUS strategic partnership, as they develop,” says Tom Purnell, business development director at the Nuclear AMRC. “I look forward to working with her and the wider organisation over the coming years, strengthening our links with Australian industry at a pivotal time for the sector.”


With a reputation for challenging convention and developing smart solutions to infrastructure problems, BMD believes its delivery ethos will recognise encouraging maximum levels of productivity and surpass the budget, program and KPI expectations of its clients. Find out more about BMD.

The Nuclear AMRC helps UK manufacturers win work across the nuclear sector and other safety-critical industries, and develops innovative technologies to support decarbonisation and energy security. It is based at the University of Sheffield, and part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, a national alliance of seven manufacturing research centres funded by Innovate UK. Find out more about membership of Nuclear AMRC.