Nuclear AMRC welcomes sector deal

By 28 June 2018 December 4th, 2019 Industry news

The Nuclear AMRC has welcomed the launch of the nuclear sector deal, part of the UK government’s industrial strategy.

Andrew Storer, chief executive officer of the Nuclear AMRC, says: “We welcome the nuclear sector deal, which represents a landmark agreement between government and industry to reduce costs and increase productivity across the UK nuclear sector.

“This deal will benefit manufacturers in all parts of the nuclear supply chain, and maximise the economic opportunity from clean growth. It will support innovation and technology transfer between sectors, helping companies increase their productivity and competitiveness, and reduce barriers to entry for manufacturers moving into nuclear from other sectors such as oil & gas or marine engineering.

“Here at the Nuclear AMRC, we will have an important role to play in delivering the deal. We will work with our industry and research partners to demonstrate the benefits of advanced techniques and technologies for manufacturers of all sizes. We will also play a leading role in the new national programme to enhance the capabilities of the UK’s supply chain, expanding our established Fit For Nuclear programme and building on the success of Civil Nuclear Sharing in Growth.

“As well as supporting the deal’s headline cost reductions of 30 per cent in nuclear new build and 20 per cent in decommissioning, our work will be central to the national effort to create or sustain up to 12,500 jobs across the UK, and secure up to £2 billion domestic and international contracts by 2030. We’re already working with international partners such as in the United Arab Emirates and South Korea, and with global reactor vendors, to identify export opportunities for the UK supply chain.”

The new £200 million nuclear sector deal is designed to secure the UK’s diverse energy mix and drive down the costs of nuclear energy meaning cheaper energy bills for customers.

It includes a £32 million boost from government and industry to kick-start a new advanced manufacturing programme, including R&D investment to develop potential world-leading nuclear technologies like advanced modular reactors, plus up to £30 million for a new national supply chain programme.

The deal also includes a commitment to increasing gender diversity with a target of 40 per cent women working in the civil nuclear sector by 2030.

For more information, see the BEIS press release.